4 comments on “Governance of the R&D Portfolio

  1. Dennis,

    It’s interesting that your experiences taught you that, at times, you have to go “on your gut” to get funding for projects. I wonder, for someone with a scientific background, if that concept is difficult because of your training and the culture of science. On the other hand, the bravery and courage that you talk about is talked about over and over again in almost all literature on Innovation; sometimes you have to convince folks to take a small step of faith to prove to them that the idea is worth pursuing, even if some fog exists.

    • Having the bravery and courage to promote a project is one thing, but you are putting your credibility on the line if it doesn’t work out and you will lose your influence. It’s like a poker game where you have credibility chips….if you go “all in” and the project fails, your credibility and influence is lost. The best tactic is a “raise” which would equate to a small “proof of concept” study with consumers or some other small incremental step if that is possible. Great topic for a future blog! Thanks.

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