3 comments on “Post-merger Initiatives that Accelerate R&D Productivity

  1. Interesting take Dennis. I particularly appreciate the statements at the end of your piece around the “tell tale” signs to remove yourself from a bad situation. I imagine, given what I have heard and seen lately, is that organization’s that value future growth will appear widely different than those with more short-term objectives. The caution is that most managers and executives are so focused on quarterly results to appease shareholders that I wonder if large organizations, as the one mentioned above, can make that turn. I fear that most good scientific / innovation talent will flock to other companies where that is most valued. Will this be a competitive advantage lost to the US private sector…I wonder.

    • Good point….I think from the big picture perspective, the US is still very attractive from an innovation culture point of view. However from the company point of view there are several companies that have a model where they invest very little in R&D and are content to buy innovation by licensing or acquisition. Whether this business model will work over the long term remains to be seen. However the most rapidly growing and exciting companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google & Apple have all invested in innovation and that innovation is the fuel of their growth. Big and continued reductions in R&D investment are normally a sign of systemic flaws in the company, normally the result of strategic missteps.

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