2 comments on “Where have all the (young) R&D Scientists Gone? Understanding the R&D Knowledge Gap in Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. Let’s face it. In many companies, future plans and horizons are measured in weeks and months, and cost cutting has taken center stage at the expense of R&D. The fact that Wall Street loves mergers and adores layoffs, disdains R&D, coupled with much executive compensation either in stocks, and/or tied to stock price, hasn’t helped. Employment costs are the biggest expense that a company has near complete control over, and are thus easy cost reduction targets. Since those with more years of experience are generally getting paid more than those fresh out of school, getting rid of them gives the biggest short term “bang for the buck”. Big layoffs are usually very well received and instantly rewarded by Wall Street – the stock price skyrockets and a handful of people get very wealthy, very quickly. The damage resulting from this instant gratification approach to cost cutting, as described in this article, may take a few years to have it’s inevitable negative impact on the business, but before the ship ultimately sinks, the people who formulated and implemented these “strategies” are long gone, their bonuses banked and their stocks sold, most likely sailing their mega-yachts somewhere in the Hamptons, or implementing similar “strategies” at other companies.

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