About the Blog

Dear Friends,

After more than twenty years of working in Research and Development in the pursuit of launching new innovative consumer products, I have been asked to share some of my thoughts on innovation with you.  I will be writing this blog from the perspective of someone within Product Development; not only as a scientist working on new product development projects but also as a leader of Product Development groups and as the Head of Research and Development.  So much has been written about innovation by able academics and researchers, so I aim to write this blog from the industry practitioner’s viewpoint.  I intend to give you the nuts and bolts of how to actually achieve innovation from someone who has spent his career working in R&D.  My aim, in some small way, is to inspire you to ask new questions about innovation and to look at it in a different way.  Hopefully this will result in some new insights so that you will be able to be more innovative in your business or career and reach your own “innovation crescendo”.

I know we are all overwhelmed by the amount of information on innovation on the Internet but I hope to give you a unique perspective.  Interested readers, I believe, would be fellow R&D professionals as well as folks involved in the Commercial or Marketing side of our business who have always been curious about what drives and distinguishes innovative R&D colleagues and operations.

I start my blog by introducing you to a hypothetical company which has a floundering R&D group and is facing impending “innovation collapse”, except that they don’t know it yet.  Future blog entries will discuss how “innovation collapse” happens and how to turn it around and create an “Innovation Crescendo”.  In particular, among other future topics, I will address the role of R&D Leadership, management of the R&D portfolio, outsourcing of R&D, the idea of “let’s throw more money at R&D” and whether process kills innovation?  I hope you find these topics on innovation interesting. Please leave some comments if my blog resonates with you and if you have any suggestions for future topics.  I eagerly await hearing from you and building this community with you at www.InnovationCrescendo.com ……many thanks.

Dennis Nelson

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