About the Author

Dr Dennis Nelson is an entrepreneurial R&D Leader in the OTC pharmaceutical space with more than 20 years of successful management and oversight of all R&D functions: product development, analytical, regulatory, safety, clinical, medical, consumer affairs and quality assurance groups.  He has broad experience in growing global OTC pharmaceutical businesses through brand/category strategy management, and innovative research & product development programs.  His experience includes deep content knowledge in all areas of R&D from ideation to launch, especially in innovation, formulations, process development, scale-up and technology transfer, and lifecycle management for a wide range of dosage forms and devices.

Dr. Dennis Nelson was a Managing Director at Philosophy IB, a management consulting firm specializing in strategy implementation, leadership and team development. Dr. Nelson works with R&D groups to transform culture, improve innovation, increase efficiency, and to globalize R&D, in particular by developing optimized NPD and Global Expansion processes interlinked with Governance systems and Portfolio Management.

Dennis has held a number of leadership positions in R&D management in the OTC Pharmaceutical industry, including Chief Scientific Officer at Chattem/Sanofi, and other key R&D roles at Schering Plough and Pfizer. In these roles, Dennis led the successful development and launch of many new products in the OTC and personal care area. He has also been a successful leader of R&D restructurings, portfolio and new product development initiatives, and the integration of R&D groups.

Dennis received his Bachelors degree and PhD in Chemistry from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.  He was a NIH Fogarty International Fellow and conducted postdoctoral work at Groningen University, the Netherlands.  Dennis has published over 50 scientific papers and holds more than 20 US patents.

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